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We bring Your Vision to Life In our years of experiences in executing various construction-related works, we grew our expertise and we make sure that well-developed design should implemented accordingly, in precise and exact manner. Project Gallery CONSTRUCTION WORKS As we progress along the way interior, architectural, even construction works are become one of our […]


Personalized your Living and Working Areas We utilize the latest and best products and procedures for constructions and renovations. Our team is always learning, we want to provide our clients with the the best possible product. Project Gallery INTERIOR DESIGN Outdated and inefficient interiors are common challenges faced by home owners and business owners seeking […]


We ensure safety of your Critical Aspects We provides service with the utmost integrity, honesty, and at the highest standards; all traits that set us apart. We deliver design/build construction, installation, repair, replacement, and service offerings. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineering is a crucial aspect in the design, installation, and maintenance of a […]


Construct your imaginations to Reality With our experience and expertise, supported by our talented teams, we grab your ideas, imaginations, and visions, put it into concept and design, and bring them to life. Impossibilities is another word for probabilities. Project Gallery 3D DESIGN Whether you are envisioning a state-of-the-art home theater, a dynamic corporate space, […]


PT. Visual Kreasindo Utama will take care of your need, by suggesting the best promotional scenario, including design, placements, and even taxes of your billboards and lightboxes. 


Bring your brand closer to the Community Vehicle advertising proves its effectiveness in the number of impressions you can gather. If your brand is always on display, whether you’re driving around or parked in a lot, you’re advertising at all times without having to say anything. Project Gallery VEHICLE BRANDING To get the most out […]


Share your Product Story to your Customers Merchandising props used in visual displays in retail are productive when they tell the product’s story in such a way that the customer wants to know more. Specific props, along with color, design and clever signage told a story. Project Gallery PROPS & WINDOW DISPLAYS In retail, window […]


Set your Business apart from your Competitors We take care of all the details to make sure that your custom sign systems are the best possible quality, and fit perfectly in your location. We promise to exceed your expectations in quality, customer service, efficiency, and accommodation. Project Gallery STICKERS Integrating stickers into your overall marketing […]


Stand Out and Attract more customers Our state of the art printing technology allows us to print Pantone specific color matches that maintain the same color when back-lit as non-illuminated. we have solutions for economical, high-quality prints, with very fast turnaround times. Project Gallery BANNERS A banner is a dynamic marketing tool that can be […]


Create Buzz Around Your Brand Every square inch of space is important real estate and you need to maximize your impact. Strong visual signage will help get new customers into your booth while promoting your brand. Project Gallery EXHIBITIONS We are experiencing in creating trade show and exhibition displays that make your business rememberable. Our […]


Attractive Signage Offers A Competitive Advantage Signs do more than just point or present your logo. They help potential customers to form an opinion about the business based upon how attractive and persuasive the signs are. Project Gallery SIGNAGE The success of any business, whether it is small or big is greatly influenced by advertising. […]


Leave A Deep Impression, Do A Good Job Of Brand Publicity If you are a company looking for an easy solution to hiding parts of your business that is under construction or just wish to have some particular sections to be kept off limits, then you have come to the right place! Project Gallery HOARDING […]