Visual Kreasindo Utama PT.

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since 2016

It's All Started With A Vision

With over 20 years of experiences, PT. Visual Kreasindo Utama has become one of the leading company for Design and Built in Indonesia. We have recognized by major brands and various corporations.

Our History

PT. Visual Kreasindo Utama was started with freelance works of our founders with a small numbers of customers who needed printing solutions. As the number of satisfied customers increased and the demands grows, our founders started the company with aim to be one-stop design and built solution with digital printing solution as one of the supporting business unit. 

We have manage various corporate clients, not to mention personal projects; from design and consultancy works, civil and architecture constructions, interior designs and implementations, from commercial working spaces, booths and exhibitions areas, to sales and marketing above-the-line activity such as window displays, billboards and lightboxes, signages, etc.

Our professionals consist of passionate technical experts, creative design and technology savvy creates the perfect combination to understand and translate our customer's ideas into reality. 

Our Vision

To become a renowned design and build company in South East Asian as leading partner to our customers in visualizing and realizing their creative idea.

Our Mission

  1. Ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering fast optimal results and maintaining post projects relationship.
  2. Encouraging our team members to boost their knowledge and skills by holding training and seminars
  3. Assisting our customers in enhancing their ideas.
  4. Maintaining close partnership with other national and multinational companies.

Our Company Culture


We encourage our team members to be forward thinkers.


We values interaction between our team members. We strive to be open to new ideas from all levels of team members.


We encourage our team members to think smart before taking action.


Our success is team’s success. Every member has to play their part.


Every accomplishment is worth celebrating. Therefore, every team member should be appreciative towards other team members.


Loyalty plays a vital part in the company. Our long-run success depends on loyalty between team members.