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since 2016

Share your Product Story to your Customers

Merchandising props used in visual displays in retail are productive when they tell the product’s story in such a way that the customer wants to know more. Specific props, along with color, design and clever signage told a story.

In retail, window displays are a canvas for creativity, and the choice of display type can significantly impact a brand’s success. With the right window display, a store can transform its exterior into an enticing gateway to a world of possibilities.

If you stop and think, what is it that motivates a customer to close the sale on a product? It is a combination of many marketing ingredients. Color, visual graphics that pop, messages appealing to a customer’s need are all part of a successful recipe that makes a product enticing. Selling a product is about telling a story, and a story needs props to set the stage.

At PT. Visual Kreasindo Utama we can also handle custom inquiries of window display properties. We can create concept, give you the design, to give you the full extent of the concept itself, while we provide you with materials, printing, to the implementations and administrative behind the projects.

If you have any questions or inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond right away.